Sunday, October 30, 2011

White Wedding - The Nutty Irishman 10/29/11 Farmingdale,New York


Nancy requested some adult entertainment in the green room tonight and due to weather conditions the agency could not comply but The Nutty supplied us with some printed visual reference of which It's rumoured Nancy was up to page 93 at last count.

On a snowy and Slushy October Night did we, the White Wedding Band arrive at the premises of Nutty IrishMan & Men to perform All Hallows Eve duty amongst the Gaily dressed, and I must say we Gaily dressed as well. Tis the Season'

TRANSLATION: We (WHITE WEDDING) performed at the Nutty Irishman (Of Farmingdale) on the worst night weatherwise within wememburrance (SlushyRainyZombieApocalypse) and yet the people did come, partook of festivities, supped on sauce and gaily dressed too for the Halloween weekend festivities. Spotted in the audience were Rock' Em Sock Em Robots, Keystone Cops & the transgendered Pink Ladies (costumed by men) & T- Birds (costumed by women) too amongst many other Ghouls and Succubus'

Nice acoustic room to play, Progressively Active Crowd, Good Ensemble Band Performance (G.E.B.P.), Sprawling Green Room (beers in fridge), Stage Curtain (partial)

There was a video screen curtain that came down in front of us after our performance and as we packed up curtain stageside I realized I was now entering my "Webster Hall" video screen period.


This is the Declaration that I enjoyed quite a bit on the way down to the Green Room which was a few turns and little steps (nice the room is) dervish wise.


A most impressive green room refrigerator, well the contents.
On reflection I'm sorry I did not check the freezer.

Upon further reflection (a few hours later) I am GLAD that I did NOT check the freezer.


After the show we lived it up in true Rockstar fashion and visited the local Wendy's drive-thru, I purchased a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries (now prepared with Sea Salt) and especially enjoyed it very much after not having Wendy's for quite some time. (80s culture tie not included)


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