Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Good Yeggs 7/26/14 A Night of Three Trios and Two Asian Drummers - Three Jolly Pigeons - Brooklyn, New York

A Great gig with the band and nary a mistake from any of us. I did walk away with a nice feeling at the end of the night though as there is certainly camaraderie, support and friendship within our little circle of Friends who perform at and frequent the Three Jolly Pigeons. It was Vlad's Birthday Celebration eve so a splendid time was had by all but there is also an unspoken respect and support system built in.

I saw my bandmates from SMOOCH too and we all joked around and chatted, I told no one this but I was so exhausted and under the weather for many hours before and up until showtime that I just needed to sit down or maybe even take a nap but did indeed put on my brave face, in the end a Great night and I live to write about it.

Pictured above is the Chalked Up advertisement for the band and it was so nice to see our name in calcium sulfate on slate.

We arrived with the Amplifiers, P.A. and accoutrements before 7 p.m. so were plenty early before Sound Check and the Drum Kits arrival, not to even mention the other bands.

First band on tonight was Girl To Gorilla and they played a Great Set.

Catchy Tunes, Great Lyrics and Music and we were instant fans. Steve brought the Kit Drums down and this was one of the most interesting Drum Kits I have seen and my bandmates were also Very impressed and amused, I was So looking forward to trying my hands (and feet) at it.

We made comrades with John (Guitar,Vocals), Steve (Drums) and the Enigmatic Spyro (Bass), Great Guys, Great Tunes.

Thomas had heard that it was a larger than usual Bass Drum, I was fine with that.

This was not only slightly larger but is a Marching Band Bass Drum usually played with Mallets rigged up as a "Kick" Drum. The Drums were Ludwig green sparkle finish with Paiste Cymbals and a Beautiful Ayotte Wooden Snare Drum, more on that later. Actually maybe it wasn't "rigged" up but certainly unconventional, the Spurs and Hoops were in place.

The Good Yeggs played the second set and as I said in the opening paragraph we performed very well, someone even yelled out "Drum Solo" I wish I knew who it was.

Premiered tonight was The Elmore James Classic "Dust My Broom" and new original songs "Goin On Without You" and "Good Enough Is Good".

Thomas Of The TONE.

The Premiere Live performance of Joe using his newly acquired 1959 Danelectro Short Horn Bass.

To end the nights festivities was Brian Dillon's friend Steve White who had just flown in from the U.K. only to immediately proceed to 3JP for a set of Music and of course we were all excited to hear him.

Being an Anglophile myself I just had to smile through his set what with songs mentioning how it is always Christmas at Tesco's and how American's drink Budweiser as they watch the World Cup.

Steve did mention how he was going to perform a long song so after the set I said to him "Well you must know who Roy Harper is then" to which of course he replied to my delight "Yes".

Pictured above are our friends Fran and Brian backing up Steve with grace and élan.

The Ayotte Classic 10 ply Snare Drum. This was pretty much life changing for me which is always welcomed from any progressive minded musician and I must say most of us are, aside from Steve's (Girl To Gorilla) unethical Drum Kit I was also checking out his Snare Drum and as Drummers we do chat about hardware at first. I saw the wooden hoops and was highly expectant of a Great Tone as I had seen a former bandmate playing with his band and that Drummer had wooden hooped (rims) of which I questioned him about, that was a Tama Bubinga Star Classic Snare Drum which I loved the sound of.

Snare Drums are personal so of course I brought down my beloved DW Custom Series wooden Drum but when trying to mount it on the stand which Steve supplied found that it would not fit. The Ayotte is 13" and mine is 14".

Panic Time !!!

Thomas kindly asked if I could borrow his and Steve obliged informing me that he forgot it was a 13" Snare Drum stand which is a bit of a specialty and not standard size. I of course was somewhat elated, I would Love to try out this Drum. The elation only rised as I played it, what a Joy to perform on.

Steve and I discussed after The Good Yeggs set how he enjoyed "hearing" his Drums as as a listener. It is quite different when you are actually "playing" them and I got a thrill from "playing" a wooden hoop Drum for the first time. I still adore my DW but I want an Ayotte now as well. We are both Asian Drummers as well and I nearly asked for a photo with him but we just met, maybe next time.

Aside from Cider or some Jack on the Rocks (the official band drink) I do Love a Blue Moon on Tap with the obligatory Orange Wedge, most refreshing.

(L to R) Steve White Direct From England and the incomparable and much Loved Brian Dillon.

Prior to the gig we had time for a bite to eat, tonight it was at Circles Cafe. We all got the "English" Burger that is served on an English Muffin which are filled with "nooks and crannies". A Passable Burger, I think my bandmates enjoyed it more.

OF NOTE - While ordering I informed our waiter that Thomas would not be needing his Lettuce and Tomato which is included as part of the entree, I do have a theory.

Thomas was made to eat his Vegetables as a child, now as an adult he is shunning the entire process altogether, I have seen him throw his Veggies asunder to the wind. no waste, no want.

Digital Ad Campaign.

Digital Ad Campaign.

Set List.

Had To Play This Word.

This Is Show # 16

- Spike

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Sunday, July 13, 2014


YEAH, I always held a Dagger in my heart for all of the Witless Assholes and Nonsensical Fools who frowned upon people who could actually Play Music, Perform Music and Knew Music as an intrinsic thing and were actually trained in the "Art" or at least took some of their time out to actually practice the art as opposed to sniffing glue in the corner park or heavens forbid the back of a bodega. These people who practiced were called "Musicians".

Along comes this PUNK ROCK and mind you I was a youngster when this happened (1973) but to my Logical mind this was a load of Horse Shit. Surely the attitude was right and proper for Rock and Roll but give me an Effing Break Here. Anyone could get up on a stage so long as they had the guts, looks and attitude, NO EFFING CHOPS. NO IDEA WHAT A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT IS CAPABLE OF and NO EFFING IDEA WHAT THEY WERE DOING !!!.

This is where THE RAMONES stepped in.


Tommy Ramone Died Today, The Last of the Bruddah's.

I Completely Adore THE RAMONES and so does everyone else as well and they should. This is Music So Glorious to make you want to Bang Your Head, Raise and Pump Your Fist in the air and Jump around the room until the walls are shattered into little teeny bits.

LONG LIVE THE RAMONES and the PUNK ROCK Explosion that they were the architect's of.

Fuck You Berklee. Music Comes From The Heart.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

PROCOL HARUM - Manhattan Center 8/11/14 New York City

Twas' a rare opportunity to see and hear one of my most beloved bands of all time. The last time I witnessed Procol Harum in concert was at the now defunct Bottom Lime and this was around 2002, Over Ten Years Ago, of course I jumped at the chance to see their return to New York City.

CARL PALMER BAND - Manhattan Center 8/11/14 New York City

Just a few weeks ago I learned that The Carl Palmer Band would be filling a slot in the upcoming Procol Harum show of which I had held a ticket for a few months now, I was very pleased to hear this. On the one hand I did not even venture forth to see Procol Harum on a double bill with Jethro Tull for the same reason I do not see Alice Cooper on double bills. I want a Whole show and not 45 minutes or so by each band, well it did work out well tonight, about a 45 minute set from Carl's band and over an hour from Procol Harum, there was a difference here though. Carl Palmer is one of my childhood Drumming heroes and I was most delighted when I discovered my good fortune just a few weeks prior to the show.