Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FRANK ZAPPA - EAT THAT QUESTION - Film Forum 6/24/16 New York City

Being a video archivist of All Things Zappa for many years and having seen the trailer for this film prior to viewing I assumed I had (pardon the expression) "Seen It All" or at least most of it but this left me filled with awe at the amount I had not.

I Love this film.

Pete Townshend, Bob Fripp, Bill Bruford and Frank Zappa are my "go to" guys for interviews in the Music world and this film consists of musings from the late great Mr. Zappa many of which this Video Archivist had not seen.

Damn, I missed the Q & A but had no idea as I purchased my tickets earlier than this was announced.

Marquee Selfie.

Eat That Easel.