Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Subway Serenader Digital Ad Campaign 2013

Being that Brian (the Subway Serenader himself) still does things with mailing lists and by choice is not internet savvy I wanted to spearhead an online ad campaign via Facebook for his next appearance at Freddy's Backroom that incidentally will have the Good Yeggs accompanying him for his performance followed by a full set by us (The Good Yeggs) to close out the night.

Who Is The Subway Serenader ? (3/29/13)

Are You Ready For The Subway Serenader ? (3/30/13)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The 21st Annual Napoli Pizza Party 3/8/13 Staten Island, New York

The Napoli Pizza Off now in its 21st year is Truly a one of a kind family experience and I was honored to be there once again. As testament to the Many delicious Homeade and Handmade Pizza's being made that were simply irresistible you can see in the photo above a Stuffed Stromboli, Ravioli Slices and Sfingone all of which I was too stuffed to even consider. How is this possible ? Come to the Napoli's and find out.

Prom Queen - Jamie's Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato (American & Muenster Cheese)

Sometimes to beat a Pizza you have to NOT be a Pizza and in Jamie's case it worked as this pie flew off the plate hardly finding time to transfer itself from the Pizza skin.

Athlete of the Year - Donna's Gnocchi Putanesca made for the most Italian Pie with Olives and also left the room before most had a chance to sample this beauty as well.

Class Clown - I Cant believe it took me this long to make a Prosciutto Ball Pizza.

I HAD TO make a Prosciutto Ball Pizza after all my Himming and Hawwing Year round about the Glory of the Prosciutto Ball, Decent Pie and the Prosciutto Balls (which were called Spike's Balls at the proceedings) were nice and crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside being baked in a high temperature oven.

Most Likely To Succeed - Steven's Penne A La Vodka Pizza

Steven's first entry this year had a simple yet zen-like premise. Steven opined that " I Love Vodka Sauce with Penne and I Love Pizza so why not not them together" and he did to great response and another Pizza that disappeared immediately.

Student Of the Year - Concetta's Ravioli Pie.

Can you really go wrong, this was Concetta's creation this year and full of Cheesy Goodness.

Best Dressed - Gary's Taco Pizza

There were literally three or four of us (who shall remain unnamed) waiting outside the oven for this baby to exit, the secret here aside from the Dizzyingly Delicious Seasoned Ground Beef was the Chilled Homeade Pico de Gallo topping which was added after this Pie had cooled just a tad. Overwhelmingly Munchable.

Uncle Andrew keeping the Pizza's Flowing.

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