Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freak Out -

When All is said and done amongst the Canon (non-biblical) of books written about Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention there will be none to compare with Pauline Butcher's unique take on events at the Log Cabin (Frank's House) and happenings therein. Mrs. Butcher was hired to be FZ's secretariat from 1968 throughout 1972 but unlike the rest of the adulating hangers on she came to her job a proper British woman who only slowly learned who Frank was through meeting him, being there and living it. This Bio is told in the "first person" placing you right there amidst the freewheeling lifestyle in Laurel Canyon that includes Captain Beefheart, Wild Man Fischer, The GTOs and into the beginnings of Bizarre Records.

There will be no written recollections to compare because unlike A Pamela Zarubica (Suzy Creamcheese) or dare I say Gail Zappa (FZs wife) there was no Extreme adulation for Frank in Mrs. Butcher's book but only a human one even though Frank if anyone deserves the Extreme adulation this is also what will come through in anyones Bios that have been and will be written covering such a vast terrain as FZs 40 plus years career, Philosophy and Music which leave little room for the "human" element.

Pauline's book is as human as it comes with nary a "fact" listing but a recollection of being there.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Good Yeggs meet The Subway Serenader - Freddy's Backroom 4/6/13 Brooklyn, New York

This gig has been a long time coming for me as I was booked with another band last time the Good Yeggs accompanied The Subway Serenader and I felt as I had missed out on a different kind of musical experience just from firstly knowing Brian and secondly knowing material from his groups Box Of Crayons, Black Death and Rock Farm. 

After 2 rehearsals with Brian (The Subway Serenader), Carl (Guitar) and Vlad (Guitar, Backing Vocals) with The Good Yeggs - Joe (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Tom (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and me, Spike (Drums) we performed 10 Original songs in a tight concise set (4 Clicks "on the sticks" Please) comprised of melancholy subway serenades to soothe the soul and salve the sores of salty straphangers everywhere. 

Performed tonight was also the annual holiday favourite "Christmas In the Subway" of which Fran Powers (Box Of Crayons) joined us onstage for this rollicking yuletide event and in April nonetheless. 

After the performance my ladylove Jamie said without Delay that The Subway Serenader "fared very well".

                                Thomas watches in bemused amazement.

Subway Serenader - On The Subway - (Jenniecam)

The Good Yeggs played a loose yet tight set of 13 tightly loose songs. We prepared well and the only hitch was that I held the only setlist and began withholding info on the next number so I could  get a sip of my Miller and/or PBR Liquid Bread before barreling into the next number as my bandmates kept rolling them Off!!!. Premiered tonight was "Passing By"

American Crank (profane mix) (Jamiecam)

Never Lie To You (Jenniecam)

Minnie The Moocher (Jamiecam)

In a first tonight I broke my Drumstick right on the last beat of a song. 

The Subway Serenaders "Hip Hop" tune "Going TA Hell" ends with a Flam (hitting the drum with both sticks at the same time but just slightly apart) and at this very moment my stick came apart. 

Also of note was Freddy's Band Policy tonight which was Free PBR or Miller for band members, hence the PBR on Snare drum photo.

Nina's Pet Pocketbook.

This Is Show # 8

- Spike