Friday, November 28, 2008


My Papillae Thank Joe (Who also in all modesty titled this Blog entry) and Jenny for hosting me a scrumptious,hearty and delectable Thanksgiving feast on the very day in queston after all... THE FOOD DAY, Never mind people forgetting the meaning of Christmas (for shame). Thanksgiving is the day WE EAT (No Deities Here) lest we forget. 

YES, I Know there were some pilgrims and Indians (so they telleth)

The Array was Dazzling to the eye and the air was so stuff(ing)ed... I mean thick you could cut it with a gravy ladle,...uhh,...knife.


Here's a plate of (clockwise from 12 noon or midnight,your choice) Twenty Four Hour Brined American Turkey, Turkey Skin flanked  by Seasoned Farmery Carrots (slightly below, near where the Westclox logo would be), Homeade Stuffing of the Perfect type,Creamy Mashed Taters with Butter and Sour Cream,Brussell Sprout's with Bacon and Apple Vinegar,a Slice of Bakery fresh Bread flanked by the homeade version of America's Favorite, String Bean Casserole!!! with sauteed Onions and Mushrooms in a Rue (Gotta Love Rue's) and finally at 11:50 the homeade Cranberry Sauce. Yes Virginia There is non-canned Cranberry Sauce (I applaud the folks at Ocean Spray just the same,Lovely products). Things havent been the same since I tasted Kroger's Cranberry Celebration.


And for afters. 

Le dessert (They are saved as "After's" for a reason,mmmm). Tonight we have Freeform Apple/Pear cobbler with an air propelled dollop of whipping creme (at 2 p.m.) and a homeade Brownie with Chocolate AND Butterscotch chips to boot. As well as Tasty Coffee (didja ever notice how a cuppa joe can look quite realistically like a cuppa gravy) which was way under appreciated after such the ordeal of Flavor on hand.



The Bird Is Dead.

Long Live The Bird.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bar East/Underscore 11/21/08

There was no food to be had at the Underscore but as has been said in days of yore "Gin and Tonic is a type of food". No drink tickets but they knocked a buck off the beverage prices for band members.


I had to have something crunchy to compliment my juniper and quinine concoction and potato crisps always make the grade as do roasted nuts. Bless the people at Planters as the cheaper brands are skimping on the volume in their little fifty cent tubes of nutty joy whereas Mr. Peanut still delivers a full 1.75 ounces and for just nine cents more.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dive Bar 11/15/08

 As is quite often the case, the quality of the food and beverage that a venue serves you has no bearing whatsoever on the dynamism of your performance or the entertainment value that you have provided en masse (pronounced pie:row;ghee), However it greatly enhances your personal remembrance and pleasant experience of the event for a gigging musician or even just plain Nutjob's.

Unique qualities in food and drink play great importance in their roles over our karmic well being and the healthiness of our taste buds, Lest we forget a Happy Tummy creates a Happy Mind which begets a Happy Outlook.

My palate is grateful to the Dive Bar for their tasteful Cheeseburger deluxe and gracious, pleasant service. I was generously offered a booth for my binge (B.F.B.) but it was late and I was bogged down with percussion gear that I had to get back to mission control via train & pronto.

Bravely....unforgiving.... and with no regard for my fellow straphangers olfactory membranes I was given no choice but to eat on the 1 train whilst homeward bound and it was fun too.

Here she is

cheeseburgeresse metropoloope

4 am(ish)

somewhere under NYC


-the gigging biscuit