Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Department of Environmental Conservation - Test Day/Stop Buggin' Me

A sight for sore eyes.

I passed the test on my very first try and I am quite happy and very relieved.

What with all the well wishers on Social Media insisting that I would indeed pass immediately I would look a right twit if I failed on my first attempt but this is neither here nor there.

This was not my goal, nor do I really care what anyone says ?

Actually I really Do.

Many was my cheerleading squad and I would not lose any backup if I did stumble on my first try and so nice of everyone to rally about me succeeding and also nice to know I am thought of highly as opposed to lowly. PHEW.

I wanted my license on first try.

The day began on my one hour and fifteen minute rush hour commute to Long Island City.

Two trains and an easy trip (D to Times Square, transfer to the no. 7 for 3 stops to Hunters Point)

I have driven past this diner several times with my boss man Ray with foresight to possibly dropping in for a Lime Rickey or Coffee on the impending day of the exam.

Walking by on the day I saw there was no "active" Diner much less a lunch break permitting beverages during exam time.

Once this was a majestic eatery now left in ruin.

Barud-Dur - The Dark Tower

a.k.a. - The D.E.C. 

The Mouse Police Never Sleep.

Time for the test (#2 Pencils Only)

Was I nervous ?, you bet.

And they'll play noisy games like zoozittacarzay,
A roller-skate type of lacrosse and croquet!
And then they'll make ear-splitting noises galooks
On their great big electro whocarnio flooks!

This was the closed book exam portion (1 of 2).

The open book exam (2 of 2) was quite a bit tougher.

I made all 50 questions with 2 minutes to spare (out of 90 minutes allotted) but half the class flunked out as the clock ran out.

This I do not understand. We were given the half time warning, the 7 minute warning and the 2 minute warning verbally.

Would not an educated last minute guess on the open book give everyone a fighting chance at possibly passing ?

Afterwards I celebrated with a Vegetable Tostada and Spicy Meat (Enchilada) Taco.

One (1) Spicy Meat (enchilada) Taco ($1.75).