Thursday, November 3, 2016

RUSH - TIME STAND STILL AMC 25 - 11/3/16 New York City

Hot on the heels of the Rush documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage" comes ,... hew waittaminnit has it really been six years already ?!!!

Anyways what I was trying to say was I certainly have no complaints about another quality Rush doc and this one is completely different from the previous one.

"Time Stand Still" focuses on the R40 tour of which the band had heavily hinted would be their last Full On tour but this unique film is also a love letter from the fans and crew about the ride we all took together and hammered home the fact that this was Indeed the Final Tour, I found this dichotomy rather heartwarming and heartbreaking simultaneously.

I was also fortunate to attend a one night only viewing of the film thanks to my bro Frank (A.O.F.) who procured us a pair of tickets.

The mini marquee outside of theater 18 letting patrons know where the heck to go. 

Said marquee, was not displaying this info before the film so kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it ?!!!

I snapped the "marquee" photo after the film.

Pre-film, Fathom Entertainment who specialize in hosting these one night only DVD pre-release concert events were wise (as they are wont to do) to display advertisements for future Rush Releases (Time Stand Still Blu-Ray, Rush 2112 40th anniversary bundles,"Masters of Resonance" documentary (DW Drums) and Rush movie house friendly quizzes etc. as opposed to upcoming hollywood feature films).

Those in attendance were also treated to a wonderful animated Neil Peart short (see below) and a 26 minute reel of band and peer interviews ("A Salute to Kings") of which I still have not been able to locate as an "extra" on my home viewing release. My wise friend Frank commented during this segment "I don't think this is going to be on the Blu-Ray" and I replied "it has to be" after all these were insightful and often hysterical interviews, but then Ray Daniels espoused "please enjoy the film everyone". 

Kinda puts you in a private club huh ? well no complaints here.

Incidentally Gene Simmons (KISS) was hysterical in the film (my opinion).

Post-film and two happy and very pleased Rush campers.

It had been a long 36 year ride as Rush fans for ourselves as well which shall continue because "RUSH AINT OVER YET"

And of course prior to the screening and only eight blocks down the road.

We had GYRO ll