Sunday, February 26, 2017

STEVE HACKETT - 2/25/17 Playstation Theater - Times Square, New York City

Carrie, Kenny, Chris and myself attended an excellent Hackett performance. This was my second Hackett concert at the same venue which now brandishes the moniker Playstation Theater (I really dislike these newfangled corporate sponsored names, whatever happened to War Memorial Stadium.

After a slight delay beginning our MTA trip from Brooklyn due to weather conditions (called pouring rain) we got underway to Times Square. Arriving a few minutes late I noticed a few fans milling around outside the venue and was relieved it appeared the show had not begun yet and then we ate some Brownies. We grabbed a Beer at the bar and made our way to the seats and ran into Jamie & Charlie going to their seats, without rhyme or reason and with no pre-meditation all three of us were wearing the very same t-shirt (I preferred theirs as the logo was brighter and larger but who am I to mess with a Squonk) so we had an audience member snap a photo.

Gratuitous Marquee Photo.

Brownie pic, Full Tilt on purpose.

Fine Bourbon and Honey Jack was served pre show at Carrie & Chris' place.

Shot Goblets courtesy of The Bovis.

Taking one of those "HoldCameraOverYourHeadAnd PointBlindly" photos I happened to catch Carrie and Chris in one and appreciated the happenstance.