Saturday, October 15, 2016

SHIN GODZILLA - Regal Cinema 18 - 10/15/16 New Rochelle, New York

Frank and myself (A.O.F.) have always been fans of THE BIG G since we were kids but by the time of the American 1998 Godzilla disaster pic (and I mean that sarcastically) we began to see them as theatrical releases before VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray had a chance so this was a big day for us as we stood on the precipice of Monster Island waiting to see what goodies were up on offer, furthermore this was a Japanese release a few years after the Gareth Edwards directed American remake which ruled. 

And from which Mr. Edwards might be able to learn a thing or two. These are BIG words but this is a BIG monster and I loved this film BIG time.

Markito with Godzilla action figure in tow was quite excited to see this film and unspoken from myself to my comrades there is nothing like seeing a G film with a young person.

No posters on display and boy we were looking for them.

Yes I may have stolen it but there was no way to tell this film was running at this theater aside from asking an usher/customer service person. Well there was this lit marquee but like billions of floors up from the latest "MINIONS" pic.

No Words can ever express the thrill I get from seeing this intro logo come up on the Big screen.

A few new tricks up his sleeve and dorsal fins to boot.

I watched in happy awe.

This just scared the crap out of me.

The Three Kaijuteers - Markito, Frank and myself.

Now it was off,... back to Brooklyn for an after Dinner at Silver Star !!!

Shin Silver Star.


Markitos Godzilla figurine on the rampage was not destroyed but kept at bay with an order of Beef with Broccoli.