Sunday, July 13, 2014


YEAH, I always held a Dagger in my heart for all of the Witless Assholes and Nonsensical Fools who frowned upon people who could actually Play Music, Perform Music and Knew Music as an intrinsic thing and were actually trained in the "Art" or at least took some of their time out to actually practice the art as opposed to sniffing glue in the corner park or heavens forbid the back of a bodega. These people who practiced were called "Musicians".

Along comes this PUNK ROCK and mind you I was a youngster when this happened (1973) but to my Logical mind this was a load of Horse Shit. Surely the attitude was right and proper for Rock and Roll but give me an Effing Break Here. Anyone could get up on a stage so long as they had the guts, looks and attitude, NO EFFING CHOPS. NO IDEA WHAT A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT IS CAPABLE OF and NO EFFING IDEA WHAT THEY WERE DOING !!!.

This is where THE RAMONES stepped in.


Tommy Ramone Died Today, The Last of the Bruddah's.

I Completely Adore THE RAMONES and so does everyone else as well and they should. This is Music So Glorious to make you want to Bang Your Head, Raise and Pump Your Fist in the air and Jump around the room until the walls are shattered into little teeny bits.

LONG LIVE THE RAMONES and the PUNK ROCK Explosion that they were the architect's of.

Fuck You Berklee. Music Comes From The Heart.

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