Saturday, July 12, 2014

CARL PALMER BAND - Manhattan Center 8/11/14 New York City

Just a few weeks ago I learned that The Carl Palmer Band would be filling a slot in the upcoming Procol Harum show of which I had held a ticket for a few months now, I was very pleased to hear this. On the one hand I did not even venture forth to see Procol Harum on a double bill with Jethro Tull for the same reason I do not see Alice Cooper on double bills. I want a Whole show and not 45 minutes or so by each band, well it did work out well tonight, about a 45 minute set from Carl's band and over an hour from Procol Harum, there was a difference here though. Carl Palmer is one of my childhood Drumming heroes and I was most delighted when I discovered my good fortune just a few weeks prior to the show.


Anonymous said...

It's 7/11/14. You wrote 8/11/14

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