Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salchipapas - Pio Pio Riko Restaurant - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn


In the world of Sausage and Potato you will be hard pressed to improve upon the combination of Frankfurters and Fries and I ask you all to take a minute and think about it. Italian Sausage doesnt really go with Fries,... the only combo which may have this one beat is the mythical Choripapas (Chorizo Sausage and Fries) and even then I feel the Chorizo might be overpowering, Anyways more on that later.

Passing quickly past this Peruvian "hole in the wall" I noticed the word "salchipapas" among other delicacies offered amongst one of those Dinner Special packages and next time I passed by I ordered the Salchipapas on their own. Delicious and just like I remember from Planet Chicken in Dunellen, New Jersey but these were priced a little higher ($8.00) and only came with one solo cup of Creamy Vinegar Dressing (as opposed to the three dipping sauces I am accustomed to) and a bunch of packets of Heinz Ketchup of which I do not use. No matter how you slice it however the Salchipapa is the ruler of the roast in my book.


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