Monday, March 21, 2011

The Chip Shop - 3/23/11 Brooklyn, New York


Supposedly the first place in existence that will Batter & Fry you anything you bring in off the street the Chip Shop of Park Slope Brooklyn is a place that I have been wanting to try for about a year thanks to Jamie's reviews and a piece or two on the Food channel. I have often heard that british food is kinda bland in its homeland but the "Chippie" delivers delicious dishes full of flavor and presented wonderfully as you can see by these photos.

With quite the promise was the Chip Shop sold for me upon this very writing (Good Food, Good Food, Good Food).

And promise did it indeed hold and deliver.


Fish Fingers & Tartare Sauce with Lemon Wedge, Fried Macaroni (with cheese) in the distance.
Take a look at that Lemon Wedge,...
(Either this guy uses Lemon or thats a pretty paltry wedge).

I have learned photo lesson #27 - Always photograph any wedges prior to deflation.


Sheperds Pie done very close to perfection (could have used just a teensy more Beef) flanked by some lovely Green Peas).


Crispy, Syrupy and Sweet, sprinkled with Powdered Sugar (atop raspberry syrup ?), The Fried Twinkie.



Ltl Man said...

LOVE THAT PLACE... Gotta Try the Deep Fried Snickers & Reeses Cups -- F--KIN AWESOME!!!!!!!! OH And the CHERRY PIE!!! OH AND I MUST NOT FORGET the Deep Fried Pizza!!!

Spike G. said...


Ltl Man said...

YES, Surprised you didn't see that on the MENU --- NEXT TIME MAN!!! TRY IT YOU'LL Like IT!!!!... Which One did you Go To??