Friday, January 14, 2011

Stubborness In Food - Dim Sum In A Blanket


Why stubborn do you ask ? Well,.... It was nearly 3 a.m. and I could have just munched on the re-heated Dem Sum that sat before me but the thought lingered in my head to wrap it in a biscuit and call it Genius or at least something that may never have been performed in the culinary trade or for that matter any trade at all so I JUST HADDA!!!

Dim Sum - (halved facing inwards out) as per my recipe.
In A Blanket - Pouched In Pastry (which is more that most of you Effers can say, I Mean Errr, LOVE YOU ALL)


The WITH Broccoli Roll (served WITH Broccoli)


The Classic Hot Dog "Pig In A Blanket" Roll (served With Classic Hot Dog).

Yes Virginia, The Aliens Exist.
They are in the grooves of an old residents record...


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