Saturday, June 16, 2012



The 20th record "Clockwork Angels" is one of the finest in the catalog. Repeated listenings are needed to soak it all in as it were and get to know the songs which is always the fact with Rush in my book but today I received my Compact Disc in the mail and got to read along with the lyric book that amusingly were preceded song by song with exact segments or situations that will most likely be elaborated upon in the upcoming cyberpunk novelization of Clockwork Angels giving the records "concept" more definitive detail and returning to the manifesto of individual in the face of the dystopian powers that govern over us which permeates much of Neil Peart's lyrics. We were first introduced this viewpoint in "Anthem" the lead off track from "Fly By Night" Neil's first record with the band and this viewpoint brought to the fore in the title track from the classic "2112", "Red Barchetta" also comes to mind.

5 of the 12 songs on this are directly tied into the story lyrically so a brief synopsis before each track came as a revelation of sorts not that I had much time to ponder them but the proper way to hear this record is to read the libretto along with listening just like we did in Days of Old.

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