Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sal's Pizza - Brooklyn, New York


I found myself off the train early enough before rehearsal to afford me the time for a slice at Sal's Pizzeria as I have been meaning to for some weeks now. Five years ago I had eaten here and the distant memory lingered that I particularly enjoyed it which is quite rare considering the time passed and the amount of Pizza places I have been to in the interim.

I ordered a "square" (Sicilian Slice) and sat down to bite into its gooey Cheesiness and immediately knew that this was the New York slice of yore that maybe one in ten places get right these days and Sal's Pizza gets it even righter but this does not surprise me as they have been in business since 1967. a Truly Monumental Square with just the right Sauce to Cheese ratio, Flavorful Dough and this being a "side" piece there was just the right amount of Oil complimenting the tasteful & crunchy crust to top off this culinary experience.

After rehearsal the thought crossed my mind of stopping in again but I was with bandmates on their way home, Next Wednesday I will be back for a "Round" Slice and am very much looking forward to it.

7/5/12 - I finally got back to Sal's two weeks later for the "round" Slice (asked for at warm not hot temperature) and while Delicious it was no comparison to the "square" of a few weeks back, the Slice was Excellent with a thin enough crust and that meaty tasting slightly chunky sauce and just the right amount of Mozzarella Cheese stretchy and warm over the top. Not to worry I certainly haven't given up on this place, more posts to come.

Sal's Pizzeria is located at 544 Lorimer street, Brooklyn, New York.


The facade of Sal's Pizza that I still remembered years later.


Inside Sal's hangs a photo of the place from days of pizza passed.

Sals Pizza Site

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