Friday, April 6, 2012

White Wedding - The Saloon 4/6/12 New York City


Our first show at the Saloon on the upper east side of Manhattan turned out to be one of the shortest in recent memory not to any fault of the band or venue might I add. There was a raffle of ten thousand dollars that we knew was happening and promoted, after setting up we were asked to share the evening with the calling of the ticket numbers so it went kind of like this, White Wedding play 5 or 6 songs/Raffle for 20 minutes, this was repeated twice and then we played our last and third set consisting of 9 songs and finishing up the evening by 11:30 p.m. which was an early night and quite different than our planned 47 song set list, not that any of us are complaining.

And where did Diana get that Cool Belt ? (see above)

Steve was not happy due to the brevity of our sets so we tried paying him off with Money, Texas Chili, a couple of bottles of Cointreau and erasing some gambling debts. Unshakable he turned down all offers but did get a Texas Chili medium size to go.

Playing in little pockets or short displays (much like at the wedding 2 weeks ago) was pretty liberating to me as I played with more relaxed conviction and concentration during my windows onstage and did not find myself thinking ahead 10 songs on our set list.

The Saloon room offered a nice fat drum sound without the aid of miked amplification.


PULL THE STRINGS !!! (announced excitedly in a Martin Landau portraying Bela Lugosi voice)


(L to R) - Dave, Dave's Brother, Dave's Brother.


23h:08m:37s:12ms 04m06d2012y pre-tambourine attack (P.T.A.)


One of our fans decided to have some fun with Cyndi onstage and then became super animated during the Prince segment culminating in her and a friend hitting my cymbals with tambourines which I would usually welcome however the hand cue to end "Purple Rain" was coming up. Thankfully Rob escorted them offstage in a friendly and princely manner just in time for the end of the tune.

So much for being Ching-A-Linged by Hotties.


Keep It Dark.


The Suspender Brothers Are Ready To Rock You.


Prior to the show Jamie, Diana, Dave and myself ordered some Indian food at the bar in Mumtaz which was located right next door to The Saloon and I can Never pass up a Mulligatawny Soup (seen in this photograph as a "to go" item) which while very tasty was loaded with a bit too much pulverized Potato or something that was akin to pulverized Potato. Diana and Dave ordered the Chana Baji (Chick Peas cooked with Onions, Green Pepper & Spices served with Puffed Bread (Poori Bread) and Jamie got an order of Aloo Paratha (Bread stuffed with mildly spiced Potatoes) which was on the contrary "plenty fricckkin' spicy".


Poster and Online flyer for tonight's performance.

Our encore the newest crowd pleaser Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

This Is Show # 164


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Ltl Man said...

OK, Time To KILL Spike for making me the Bad Guy --- HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...... It's Good to See You Guys Get Paid the Same for a NICE EZ Night!!... Just That it was Funny,that this was the Biggest Personal Crowd (Dave's Brothers, Eric's Brother & Friends, Robs Co-Workers, Diana's Friends) You Guys have had in a Long Time and they Really Didn't Get to EXPERIENCE you Guys in Your ENTIRETY, Instead had to Listen to A Raffle That had nothing to do with Most of the Crowd there... Several Patrons were inquiring about it and asking where's the Music, hence they started playing the canned music at the front with no success.... It Seemed the Crowded Enjoyed You Guys But Were Short-Changed... OH Well, You Live to Play Another Day.... As I said from the Time I got there, This was Going to Be an Interesting Gig after Paying my $10 Cover, Another WW First in a LONG TIME Deal.......