Saturday, March 31, 2012

White Wedding - Private Party - Fontana's Bar 3/31/12 New York City


A Kick Ass crowd kept us energized all night long and they Rocked Hard keeping the band firing on all pistons and the room entertained thoroughly. Thank you All very much you Lunatics (Elvis was there too).

Tonight there was a partial back line so I only had to bring down my Snare Drum, Cymbals, Kick Pedal and Hi-Hat Clutch that was accomplished via Subway which was a relief (Phew). We were playing a return engagement for an lively 80s reunion party from last year so expectations were riding high and rightly so, the crowd were ready for us from the get-go and it was "these go to eleven" from the start, storm clouds brewed however. Eric broke his "D" string (the fourth string) towards the end of the first set and his Floyd Rose Tremelo snapped it again during restringing causing two breaks and NO replacement "D" string on hand so it was a night of transposing for our fearless guitar player (string theory indeed). To add fuel to the fire my Evans Snare Drum head popped towards the end of the second set but fortunately I had time and a replacement head on hand to remedy that situation for the third set.

Bottom Line, Only the band noticed.


Trying to rescue the D string between sets proved formidable and impossible since the string broke twice, once during performance and once during repair. I blame Floyd Rose Tremelo Systems..... BASTARDS !!!


Look, its the D string, Where is Michio Kaku ?.

And Why is Dave conversing with a KKK member ?


"Tonight we're going to party like its 1986!!!"
(so said Rob at the beginning of our set, deviating by a year from 1985)


the vice squad is taking Nancy in for violation of 80s Diva green card status (neon green of course).


the class of 86 is a Wild Bunch !!! I witnessed it.


sniffle,... tonight was Nancy's last show with us and even though we knew it was coming I paid extra attention to her formidable voice and figure on stage with us, being an original member of the Airwaves we went through so much in the trenches for a few years building up our reputation and paying the "dues" that most bands do playing for free, eating badly (OK we never did that, well They didn't), working hard rehearsing, becoming better musicians/ensemble players and losing sleep for the common goal of success in the little 80s band pet project that Mike and ourselves started together which has grown into a lucrative vehicle for all involved especially my car service driver.

As I said to Nancy tonight "See what you started You troublemaker"

I have made a lifelong friend and it was a pleasure backing up such a fine singer and talented bandmate,.... I am talking about Nancy here folks.

I used to call her our "secret weapon" because whatever male singer we had at the time would come out and warm up the crowd sufficiently and then came Nancy's turn with her looks and charisma but especially the voice completely winning the audience over in those early days of the band, So I firmly stand by my words "See what you started you troublemaker" and might I add that I was and am proud to serve with you then, now and next time.

The last Nancy showcase number at the end of our third set. I was just trying to capture the audio here and luckily the camera caught this angle. Yes the drums are loud, the camera was laying on my jacket just behind the Hi-Hat pedal.

Eric's new vocal showcase, "Your Love" by The Outfield.


This Is Show # 163

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Ltl Man said...

SNIFFLE, SNIFFLE, SNIFFLE, I too feel the Same Spike, I Will Miss Nance!!! I Remember when Dave Told me he was Gonna be in this 80's Band called the Airwaves, I was actually excited because I love the Music of that Era Soo Much!! I remember going to My First Gig at DESMOND's Tavern, and Being WOWED even Back Then with Nance's Voice, Sorry to Say I didn't Like the Male Singer that performed with The Airwaves at First....... MOST of the Songs were Sung by Nance, because there was no Keyboardist at the Time... Little Did I know that A Girl sitting in the Chair in the Aisle donning a Digital SLR taking Pics (Later Found out Her Name was Tawni, the Guitarist Mike's Wife), Would Soon Be the New Keyboardist for the Airwaves/White Wedding... The Band wasn't Suppose to Last as Long as it Did, it was a Test and Maiden Voyage.... I Remember trying to Get Friends to come to Gigs, sending Out Emails to those Friends who I thought would enjoy the Music as I did, FINALLY One Person Named Rich Came to A Mean Fiddler Gig.... And I'm SURE he Now Feels as I do... Here We Are almost 5 Years Later, and The Band Now Named White Wedding is STILL WOWING, Yes with Different People at the Helm and Now ONLY Two Original Members Left -- Spike and Dave... GRANTED They Say The ORIGINAL is ALWAYS The BEST, but this New Compilation of Band Members JUST Might and Seems to Be a Good Following......