Saturday, July 30, 2011

White Wedding - Breezy Point Surf Club 7/30/11 Long Island, New York


Consumption of alcoholic beverages is accepted behavior and almost pre-requisite in the business of performing music and presenting it as well but on some nights you can step backwards instead of forwards and I am so glad that I am not speaking from my experience or any of my bandmates.

Our regular sound engineer Sean could not make this show so we hired an outside freelancer from Craigslist who was serious enough to come see the band last month and tonight he got his audition (albeit he was payed for his services) and at first I thought he seemed to know what he was doing (he used terms like XLR cable, Guitar & Electricity) and I was impressed at the fact that he mic'ed the resonant head of the Snare Drum as opposed to the batter keeping that pesky microphone clip out of harm's way, He even had me plug in the mini-XLR so I was able to put my Qualified "Recording Engineer" skills to work.

By the second set something was rotten in Pepperland (Beatles reference) as a feedback hum overtook the stage monitors of which I initially wrote off as Gain/Fader problems but they persisted throughout our set to no avail, the band sounded good on the dancefloor but onstage things were getting fuzzy. Turns out both of our sound crew had a bit too much to drink and at one point had to be nudged awake by Rob to ask for hotter (in level) vocals. I am told that throughout the second set there were proud exclamations of "Dont Worry, I Do This ALL THE TIME!!!" which makes you kind of wonder, there was also vomiting into dixie cups which I happily missed. As a band this gig separated the men from the boys as White Wedding played non-stop, un-phased and very well too without a hitch,... at least not from our end.

The engineer's assistant was a very nice guy who volunteered to take photos of us so I lent him my Lumix camera and he got a few good shots as seen here.




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Ltl Man said...

WOW, Well I KNOW YOU GUYS ROCKED IT Despite the Problems.... YOU GUYS/LADY ARE PROS!!! Even on those Rare Occasions when you guys/lady Have a Few Drinks, you Guys GET The JOB DONE!!!!

As Long as it Didn't Affect the Customer (Sound Wise and NEGATIVE Comments Wise??), YOU GUYS Are OK!!! I am Guessing it was those Guys who were at the NUTTY?

ANYWAY, it Would be Great if you Could See Your Sound Guys at work on another Gig before they Take on yours, just as Your Future Private Clients see you Perform....