Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Good Yeggs - Recording Session 7/10/11 HesDeadJimStudios Queens, New York


The band reconvened to HesDeadJimStudios and recorded six tracks for upcoming release and we are very pleased with the results. Thomas has yet to record finalized Guitar/Keyboard tracks so there is more to come.

Stand - Out track of the day had to be "Bad Things" since the tune is only three days old to us keeping the arrangement super loose and down to instinct and feel, committed to hard drive by take two and I had a chance to overdub an "atmospheric" cymbal/mallets track for "spooky" mood.
Thomas and myself had never even heard Joe's song for his father-in-law "Gentle Bill" and next thing we knew the rhythm track was recorded and we were in the isolation booth double tracking the "barroom singalong" chorus (as seen in the photo above).

"Let The Sun Go On" has been in the repertoire of late but Thomas had envisioned a "Double Drummer" sound for the recording
requiring me to record myself over the existing Drum Track and mimic "ME" the best I can, off I went into my headphone world and had a Blast that I really only could share with myself as it happened. On Playback the sound of two Drum Kits & sets of Hi-Hats just out of sync by a millisecond (well, in my case probably a Hundrasecond) sounds very Classic Spector/Visconti/George Martin to my ears and I cannot wait to hear final mix on this one.
Tom had sent us an MP3 track via email that we were also three days new to and that was "Arent You Glad" which is indeed a Bouncy Song, we used the Ukulele Track (take 15) as our guide/root track.
"I'll Never Lie To You" has been a favorite to play for me the last two months or so and it was great to finally commit to a definitive recording.

We did record Loretta Lynn's "Have Mercy On Me Baby" and ironically this was the song that took us the most takes to capture but wound up being a "Live" number which did not adapt as well to the "studio version" as the other tunes did, I do look forward to playing this live though.

Joe and Thomas sound Musically astute and assured as ever on these recordings as we continue to grow as bandmates and musicians.


Joe's Snack Of Choice under the microscope.
Pork Rinds Of Course.


What Do You Mean The Triangle Is NOT A Real Instrument ?


Please Disregard the Sheet Music on that stand, No Sheet Music was used on these recordings.


Listening to Playback.


I used the Liberty Devitto Damping Method (L.D.D.M.) with great results and remembered to retrieve my wallet at session's end as well. and thanks Joe for reminding me too.

- Spike G.

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