Monday, August 8, 2011

The Good Yeggs - Freddy's Backroom 8/6/11 Brooklyn, New York


It was an exciting evening for me to finally get a chance to perform with my band The Good Yegg's at the famed Brooklyn watering hole Freddy's in front of loved ones and peers. We played roughly a one hour set debuting the song "Bad Things" which is still getting its final touches in the recording studio but is also a totally fresh song for us that we are all excited about.

The Good Yegg's set climaxed with a performance of "700 Beers" in which John the Bass Player, Franklin and Mike Roberto were invited up to play their respective instruments while Thomas and Joe took over vocal duties. After that we were treated to some impromptu one liners from Mike that happens oftentimes when a live mic is left open with Mike in the room.

Man walks into a bar with a frog growing out of his head.
Bartender asks "What Happened ? "
Frog answers "Well it started out as a tumor.


Sweet Little Angel (sufficient lighting edit)

Stranger Coming To Town (insufficient lighting edit)

Thanks for filming JamieWhoNeedsHerVeryOwnBlog.

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