Thursday, August 9, 2012

White Wedding - Rocks Off Concert Cruise 8/9/12 New York City


Take a great crowd, a very capable band, gorgeous skyline and set them to sea in The Jewel,..... and there is indeed a chance of mutiny. Top that off with a fully stocked bar and like minded partygoers on an 80s Concert Cruise and you have a recipe for mutiny-less and party-full dance cruise success.

Great Show for all involved, Everyone had a Blast and it is always different and daring to play on a moving vehicle. It was great to see the Jewel again so we boarded, set up early and sound checked late, had a plate of food and began set one upon castoff of the boat. The energy from the audience makes it all the worth while and this was a Great audience.

"These kids and their Bon Yovi"


The obligatory photo of the drums, for certain shows I expend plenty of energy getting Drums to and from places so there had better be a photo to prove they were there.


This is what you get when you shutter a camera in flash mode inside of an opaque garbage bag filled with ice and 23 Tecate Beers (I was having 24, the first one room temperature at the time).


still no one knows what eric did with his meal ticket.

not even the trolling gophers.


Diana enjoying a plate (Ziti, Salad, Meatballs) pre-show.

Patiently waiting on the chow line with 33 minutes to showtime my ear went to my bandmates behind me and J.C. makes some kind of reference to Diana's penchant for snacking often, yet keeping fit.

This is what I heard.

Diana: I don't know what you're saying, I eat like a bird.

J.C.: Bird's Eat A Lot.


Q: Where's Waldo ?

A: He's under the DEVO hat

Q & A are not people.


Possibly the worst plate of foodstuffs I have ever had (mind you I ate the Hot Dog and Meatballs).

The Food on Rocks Off cruises is usually killerish *, I even asked the ladies ferrying the food to and fro if the Empanada's would be served tonight,.... they were not.

(pictured above) - Supplemented Meatballs, Grade Z Hot Dog, Overcooked I guess we have to call them Ziti, Threw the Pasta out.

Decent Hot Dog Bun and Packet Condiments.

Our long time fan June was there and she snapped a few pics with her phone.


The view from the deck.

A brief and shaky birds eye tour of the Jewel captured to post here, taken with an iPhone 4.

* -  There is always the salad base of Iceberg Lettuce "which even though I was raised on" irks me still. I mean come on Its Not Even Close To Green !!! (apologies for shouting)

This Is Show # 184


Sean Basso said...

The accompanying music to your I-phone tour of the Jewel was perfect. I especially liked the way The twilight zone song faded and the piano came in. It was almost like a crazy 12" version of the song. Then, as you were climbing the stairs to go up on deck, a line about climbing a spiral staircase from said song coincidently played.
I still have fond memories of last years 'adventures in getting a bunch of drums into a small car and bringing them into NYC and onto a small boat.' I'm sorry I missed it this time.

Rogelio Perea said...

All cool except for the Tecate beers... that's got to be the bottom of the pile on the worse than worst Mexican beers. Friends don't let friends drink bad beer, so don't do that again my friend :-)