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White Wedding - Living Social Cruise 8/19/12 New York City


Back on the Jewel just weeks after our Rocks Off concert but for a different client was comfy and  new, This was the first White Wedding afternoon show aloft the sea's but fun indeed like always due to the partying audience enjoying the tunes and dancing, not as drunkenly lively as the evening crowd's can get but lively nonetheless. The agreement with Living Social is the band gets a 75 minute set so we do get to enjoy most of the 180 minute cruise which is a pleasure.

It was a great early show for the band but afterwards as Jamie and I strayed behind a few minutes extra chatting with DJ Buffalo Bill the crew of the Jewel removed the gangplank so we had to literally jump ship over a little water, safe enough but not as leisurely as a staircase. I jumped off when no one was present so I am rather pleased that I did not take a wrong step and drown instead.


ERIK Of The Green Plectrum.


 I Shake My Stick At You Pig Dogs !!!


poise, grace, Cyndi.

Diana rocking the crowd.


One Buffalo Bill, One Buffalo Bill !!!

Goes Round The Outside,
Goes Round The Outside.


Most of us as children were drawn to tasty looking watery products just like purple or green water only to learn that it was a cleaning agent or some sort hopefully before imbibing but they still look enticing don't they ?.

Almost drank this but smelled first.


Jamie & myself were first to arrive at the 'Sky Port Marina' for this early show so at this point it was only pre -10 a.m. thusly my sleeping patterns were deeply disturbed. Cart was procured, filled with Drummage and wheeled dock length purposefully and Confidently knowing this pier from prior engagement's and being that there never wuz' a checkpoint for the Jewel I didn't expect one now but as we passed through the gates a rather well groomed, sporting and bulky gentleman asked to inspect my cases of which I duly obliged secure in the knowledge that there were no weapons or alcohol in stowaway. He then proceeded to search Jamie's bags with greater zeal and determination.

The inside joke between Jamie and myself was his reply to me. I had mentioned that "I was never searched getting on the Jewel before" to which he replied in an ominous yet official security kinda guy tone "It's a whole different world since the last time you were here", saying hello to us on the deck afterwards he told me the band did a great job and chatted a bit with us, nice guy and never was offense taken at having my bags gone through, especially from such a handsome, burly piece of man such as himself,.... errrrr,... i mean.......



"Oh I can see Daniel waving Goodbye, Must be the stars in my eyes"

Shortly after noon the Jewel left pier with a few late passengers behind. From the deck we were happy to see the boat backup and re-dock to pick up the last of the manifest whom I saw dancing away to the Music during our set and got to speak to letting them know I was happy they were not left behind.


After-Gig the caterer jokingly added "I have never seen a band eat so much Lentil's" to which I explained the Domino Effect the plastic bowls of Lentil's & Rice developing on the deck had amongst us, also adding that I am going to try the Pulled Pork Sandwich next cruise!!!


Jamie's "Living Social" poster 1 (above).

The original poster (below) was thrown together in about 10 minutes from an evening photo I had taken of the river on our prior "Rocks Off" engagement and did not have much of a party ethic or feel to it but it adorned our Facebook ad for 8 hours until it was improved upon.

The answer is - "Black, None More Black"

This Is Show # 186

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Ltl Man said...

Nice to KNOW The World Can Change in 2 WEEKS :)..... LOL.... I'm Guessing the Security Team was Different from the ones that are on for the Rocks Off Cruises :)... Although On the Last Rocks Off Cruises I did see the Band Members for the Other Cruise (TOOL Tribute I Believe) were Searched Thoroughly, including the Pat Down.... I forgot to Ask if you Guys got the SAME??.... ALSO Remember that BONNIE was the MEANER of the Two, and Carried the Concealed Weapons as well as a Tommy Gun, Clyde was VERY Confident in Just His TOMMY gun...

I'm Guessing the Food on this Cruise was of A Lot Better Quality???? They seemed to Have a Different Selection.....