Saturday, August 11, 2012

White Wedding - Private Event 8/11/12 Atlantic Beach, Long Island


Becoming an experienced gigging musician you see sameness and this was the typical catering hall type of show where you are asked to keep it down as people are eating and enjoying cocktails, Not Very much suited for what this band does,.... but cooperate we did understanding the craft with respect to the Atlantic Beach Club's wishes and room dynamics.

However,... Always keep them dancing.

The floor jumped up for "Girls just wanna have fun" mid first set and kept the room moving for the rest of the night. We crescendoed end of the first set with our Prince segment (played louder but with Thunder restriction), second set ending with Journey anthems (also a hesitant Con Brio) and a Rocking third set (Party Volume throughout, still holding it a tad light) taking requests all along the way, Bon Jovi, B-52s, J. Geils Band!!!. Always A Blast To Oblige.


Upon arrival I saw the tables set festively for 80s Night, the hats and menus complimented the flowers or is that the other way round ???.

Absolutely Ready To Deliver. (and they are nice people too)


(left) David Herbert - Bass Player - White Wedding - 2007 - present

(right) Holger Czukay - Bass Player - CAN - 1968 - 1979

As soon as I saw Dave in the shades and fedora I thought "CZUKAY" with you "CZUKAY" with me.


There was 'No Alcohol' in our contract but Eric finagled himself a drink at the bar and then was offered Cocaine from an audience member in the rest room!!!!,...

Obliging, he tried to eat the band members !!!!!

Fortunately Moustache Mikey broke it up.


After our first set we were served Chicken Florentine (Breaded Chicken stuffed with Spinach, Ricotta and Roasted Red Peppers served with Marinara Sauce) with Carrot sliver wrapped Asparagus and (2) Roasted Potato Chunks.

I Never had Chicken Manicotti before.

The evening did not go without incident however, Amongst the full Dusk atmosphere on the shore Diana with an archer's precision 'harpooned' towards her second helping of the Strawberry Cream Confectionary very closely missing Robs index finger (which he needs) with a tensile fork. (all band members and citizens escaped safely).


Diana spied the Strawberry Shortcake being served during our second set and "set" about getting us some, she did and I finally had one of those Supermarket Dessert cups filled properly with Whipped Cream & Strawberries.

Self Explanatory.

We enjoyed a couple of videos on the ride up as well.

Maybe you had to be there but Rob & myself were most amused in the front seat without aid of the visuals.

This Is show # 185

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