Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Good Yeggs - Recording Session 8/4/12 HesDeadJimStudios Queens, New York


Besides for Thomas and myself, Thomas' cat Annie also graduated from Center for the Media Arts. In this photo she is troubleshooting a Line Buzz & Tender Vittles.

The Yeggs convened for a Saturday recording session (for Joe and Thomas it was a 12 hour marathon) in which lots of lead vocals from our previous session(s) were finalized (Me & My Monster, Build Me Up Buttercup) and new material captured like the elusive Pork Rind Of Yore (P.R.Y.). Today we picked three totally new unfamiliar original tunes and just went for a take.

Rhythm tracks and Percussion overdubs were laid down for the songs "Coming Loose", "Passing By" and "If You Want" with vocals on "Passing By" finalized.

Joe overdubbing a Rhythm Guitar part on "Passing By" with a Nylon 6 string Guitar between Pork Rind breaks.


Fattening up the track with some low cholesterol Shaker (Eggs).

You cant see it in the photo but Thomas is wearing his Guinea Chain.


To make it 'Official' there were two bags of Pork Rinds at the session.

Annie is trying her best "Not To Be Seen"


HesDeadJimStudios Rocks and in this case "All I Got Was A Rock"

Playback - Take 1 - Coming Loose

I am particularly proud of this drum part as it came together without effort while remaining tasty in a pop sense. This instrumental bed reminds me of early 70s British Glam Rock.

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