Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Whisperer in Darkness DVD


After experiencing the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Societies cinematic take on "The Call Of Cthulhu" (2005) I could only have extremely high expectations for their sophomore effort and a few years ago I was enthralled with the teaser trailer and very pleased that their followup choice would be "The Whisperer In Darkness" a story rich with mystery, intrigue, suspense and of course bat winged creatures from Pluto. Since a majority of the original story is told through the correspondence in written letters a certain amount of padding had to be utilized to create a working finished product as a film and I have not one single complaint from a fans standpoint, sure they removed Akeley's guard dogs and added a biplane replete with aerial Mi-Go's but it all works splendidly and befitting (through the magic of Mythoscope) of a picture from 1931.

The acting is top notch and I do not use this term lightly, in most cases the heart is in the right place (the lost skeleton of cadavra comes to mind) but falls a little short in the thespian arena when it comes to fans making movies for the fans. Barry Lynch (Henry Akeley) and Matt Foyer (Albert Wilmarth) play their roles flawlessly and convincingly. Will Masterson (Caspar Marsh) and new favorite Daniel Kaemon (P.F. Noyes) also get special kudos for their performances but everyone just did an amazing job right down to Brain Cylinder B-67 (portrayed by producer & director Sean Branney).

Horror Fans, Sci-Fi Fans, Strange Fiction Fans, Fans of the Fantastique and H.P. Lovecraft Fans should all be most pleased with this proper adaptation to the screen of the twentieth centuries greatest, most important writer and architect of All the genres mentioned above.

Teaser Trailer (2007)

Trailer One (2011)


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