Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Callbox - We hardly knew ya'


The Callbox Lounge (which is really a sports bar nestled betwixt the Kingsland & Meeker avenues in Williamsburg) was a unique place from an "ensemble" (band) standpoint where WE could watershed songs and arrangements without the pressures of being "on the clock" in a rehearsal studio proper, We could be casual AND this place SERVED BEER.


In the beginning, we were performing as The Airwaves (Mike, Nancy, Tawni, Dave, myself and our singer also called Mike) The thing Was Mike (Doc Brown) lived two blocks away from the Callbox and once we had a handful of songs prepared he offered them a show gratis which was accepted and became our first "gig". We played to a handful of people and strictly for experience but we officially became a performing band that night. Afterwards the owner of the establishment offered us the opportunity to rehearse there once a week at our leisure which we accepted and exponentially with time we grew as musicians, performers, people and collaborators in many ways, we gained So Much and that is mostly why I will miss the Callbox, so much learning and growing went on in that room.

Speaking freely for White Wedding / The Airwaves during its creation and fruition I can only give thanks towards the Callbox and its owner Freddie for affording us Hundreds of hours rehearsal time, our first "gig" proper (and a few after that too), storage of equipment, allowing us to load gear at unimaginable hours, and most of all... The Experience.


Nancy watches her step.


The Call Box Awning.


Mike's yellow school bus Ludwig drum kit which has served well under many a performance (12/12/07).


The Airwaves outside of the Callbox (left to right) Mike, Steve (our second singer), Nancy, Dave, Tawni, Spike (7/19/07).


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