Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually Doesnt SUCK


The "Mad Monster Party" style Bat during the opening credits made me smile and there are "inside" jokes aplenty to keep any Music aficionado (Invite me over for some Peanut Brittle) tuned in. Fortunately SUCK does accomplish the job (Vampire Rock Musical Genre) and it really could have gone either way on this one but thankfully this is not a painful flick to view but only succeeds by the skin of its,..... well,.... Teeth.

For anyone with more than a passing interest in musical popular culture of the late 20th century Rob Stefaniuk's vampire film SUCK will seduce you into at least one viewing just on the strength of it's cameo power alone (Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Alex Lifeson, Henry Rollins)

Our Heroes Alice (Tetragrammaton), Iggy (Shaman) and Henry (Stereotyped Buffoon) (Author's Archetypes) All play their roles winningly but as in most things RUSH Alex Lifeson (Ballbreaker) steals the show. There is something undermindingly Hilarious about Alex posing as Canadian Border Patrol (credited as the border guard) through a lens smartly, Heaven Help Us All but especially the Great YYZ North. The Head Vampire and original music in the film tested my patience but Im not here to bitch, just to leave a signpost.

What comes as a surprise is how watchable the film is after seeing the Horrific yet stylized DVD artwork (Packaging Does Matter Peoples!!!) and contemplating the difficult subject matter, YES! The Vampire Rock Musical genre but succeeding in the film in and of itself is the whole Bloody Yet Satisfying Enchilada.


O.K. I know the artwork looks this way on purpose.

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