Saturday, September 12, 2009

White Wedding - The Riviera 9/12/09 Long Island, New York


Kudos to our newest dynamic member Spicoli for learning 18 songs in a record 3 weeks and coming out to perform with us at the Riviera for a private event, private event also entails very little photo documentation of a gig since that would just be unprofessional and why would I want a bunch of photos of people I dont know taking up space in my camera in any case.

So we have a few of the band setting up the gear.

We did have the pleasure of performing two sets and witnessed Almost Cher ( entertaining the crowd which we've been looking forward to for a couple of weeks now.

A Very nice room, Decent Sized Drinks and some Antipasto was had by all.

There were Vultures Too


(L to R) Doc Brown, Billie Jean, Animal, Almost Cher, Diamond Dave, Darling Nikki, Spicoli



After a gig nothing hits the spot like some Cheese.

Ummm.... How is this the first time I'm trying Boursin Gournay Cheese? Fantastic!!!
The Water Crackers aint too shabby neither.

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