Friday, August 7, 2009

Fast Food Asian Nation - Burger King - The Angry Whopper


Fast Food is a guilty pleasure indeed if for nothing else why pay Diner prices for a substandard even more chemically enhanced Burger.

Burger King's Double Whopper with Cheese certainly hits the spot
as opposed to my experience with a Small Mac (Rule of thumb BK=Burgers McDees=Fries) but alas I forgot about this new BK Angry Burger which to my delight is also available as a Double and Triple.

"Double Me" I requested and was very pleased. To my palate this Burger is in No Ways Angry, perhaps a little miffed and somber or ruffled around the feathers but thats Americana taste buds for you. the conversation might go like this

Customer: What are you trying to do? My Mouth is On Fire!!!
BK associate: But sir, you ordered an Angry Burger.
Customer: Let Me speak to a Manager!!!

In all of BK's Burger wisdom and Kingly splendor we get a toned down Mild Jalapeno But, I'm not complaining. The Angry Is A Blast, Whats inside? Two Burger's,Lettuce,Tomato,Bacon,Pepper Jack Cheese,Jalapeno's,Angry Sauce (Its a mystery and I didnt peek) and Crispy Angry Onions (BKs version of Onion Stix) housed between Two Sesame Seed Buns.

Am I satisfied? Couldnt finish it.
Its What you crave, oh... waitaminnit....