Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pete Townshend - Barnes & Noble (Union Square) 10/9/12 New York City


So Far as personal book signings go the Pete Townshend in-store has to be up there in Book Land and near the very top in Rock Music Land as far as these things go so I made sure to get down to the bookstore wisely early (I was shooting for 9 a.m. ETA but made the 2 p.m. arrival).

Hung out on line and chatted with Barry of Blondie.net (see below) and Gary about all things music and finally around 5  O' Clock we were slowly ushered up to the 3rd floor V.I.P. Seating which is where my planned plans were vanquished.

Shake Pete's hand.

Me: So, Did you like the Ray Davies books ?

Pete says something (I Cant Recall)
looks slightly bewildered as in "what books ?"

Me: X-Ray, Im asking cause I know your also a fan.

Pete: Huge Fan (excitedly with vim), how about this one (gesturing towards his book)

Me: I Know I'm going to love it, Thanks Pete.

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