Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meeting Pete

Posted on Facebook by Jamie.

Although inaudible, a reputable and key witness to this actual exchange, seen here between Francis and Pete, informed me that the meeting went something like this:

Spike: "Do you have Prosciutto balls in England?"

Pete - ?? Just stares

Spike: "Where's your favorite place to buy Prosciutto balls? Mine is Ravioli Fair - but you have to call ahead as it's not on their daily menu.

Pete - ?? Just shakes his head

Spike: Very fast "How about Puff-n-corn?? ..UTZ is my favorite...What's yours? Do you agree that it's a seasonal product???"

Pete - " I don't know what the fuck you're talking about mate"

Spike - "Silver Star Pork Chow Mein!

Pete - "Bugger Off"

Spike -"Oh I see what you mean. You must have had the dinner portion. You know the lunch special is better. They make the Pork Chow Mein different for the dinner menu. Not as tasty. My theory is that it's a different chef.

At this point and at Pete's insistence (off camera), Spike get's ushered away. As Spike is being apprehended by 2 security guards and 15 Pete fans, his last words to Pete uttered are….."Silver Star-they don't make it like that anymore! So old school."

End of conversation

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