Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Good Yeggs - Three Jolly Pigeons 9/29/12 Brooklyn, New York


....Afterwards Jamie mentioned to me that the crowd this night was not only buzzed on some drink but completely soused in some instances, either way nobody fell down or puked in public to my knowledge so no harm, no foul and the band played on.

Unique to tonight's show was an impromptu rendering of "Blue Suede Shoes" as the crowd wanted an encore and we had run out of rehearsed material.


The Good Yeggs played two sets trading off with Brian's band Rock Farm.


The Butcher.


The Baker.


The Candle Stick Maker.

Captions and touch ups on the above three photos by Jamie.


Our friend Fran of Frankie's Attic performed with us at the end of the first set to the delight of the crowd singing the standards "At Last" and "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman".


The second priority (which comes after the first) of the night was to see if Pancho's Restaurant was open for dining or take-out, just a few doors down and on the same block even!!!

Pre-gig Dining it was, Jamie had an Enchilada Platter (3 Enchilada's, 1 Cheese, 1 Steak, 1 Chicken)


Being a Burrito fan myself I was ready to be WOWed and I wuz WOWed indeed,

Tinga (Chipotle Chicken) Burrito topped with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Tomatoes and Chips served on a red plate which is good luck in some cultures.

This Is Show # 8


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