Saturday, June 25, 2011

White Wedding - Claudios 6/25/11 Greenport, Long Island


Water, Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink.

So nice to perform overlooking the Long Island sound and so different that I felt I was on vacation and nowhere near New York City and I suppose I was right as Rob and myself rented a Zipcar to get to and from this venue in distant Greenport, Long Island so it was quite a day.

Here's how it went.

Prior to arriving in town we passed through lovely Mattituck which I took note of, if you ever need Goat Cheese, Basil, Zucchini or would like to see many wineries in close proximity visit Mattituck. The Dynamic male lead singer and Nifty drummer/percussionist (Cowbell) arrive at Claudio's without incident. We are told by owner and staff of a "sound ordinance" and are asked to keep it down if need be. I set up gear and Eat Shrimps simultaneously. We take "Group" photo's for our website and Industry magazine (also simultaneously). White Wedding plays its first set (of 3) but Rob's ailing voice gives out on him although he does get to do the "Springsteen" medley. Mike, Nancy and J.C. cover for Rob vocally but Rob remains our spiritual ringleader to the audience. I am asked to "keep it down" on the drumkit which is all at once humorous, a nice challenge and very much of an energy saver for my usually overexcited/Speedy Gonzalez self. The crowd LOVES us and are cheering and singing along amidst these obstacles that really only we (the band) are perceiving so critically. White Wedding's third set ends a little early so we regroup and make up a fourth set which includes Elvis Costello's "Peace, Love & Understanding" that we havent played in a few years (and which went off without a hitch). We pack up the gear of which Rob and myself will be returning some to the Callbox via Zipcar before heading home. The band says their good nights and part ways till our next rehearsal.

The two of us are the last to leave and the Zipcar wont start.
The key settles into the ignition switch but will not toggle.

We keep our cool and Rob tries everything as I realize that I know NOTHING about cars (or trucks for that matter) and after about 20 minutes we call the Zipcar 24 hour hotline only to be put on hold (thankfully for just under 10 minutes). At this point Rob has the Laryngitis for the most part and is trying not to speak so I explain to the Zipcar specialist what is happening and yet they insist on speaking to the cardholder, We get some advice to "jiggle the key in the ignition switch while shaking the steering wheel".

This works Gangbusters and we proceed to the Callbox via 7-11 and vineyard country.

Dues being paid, Life is Good.




The Group Shot


Beer Battered Shrimp flanked by an order of Mozzarella Sticks. Being a Land Lubber I paid instant heed to Rob's suggestion of getting some Fresh Seafood while the gettin' was good but to my dismay our gear arrived at the same time so the food went a tad bit cold on me, Delicious though it remained.

Interesting Food Fact - The Shrimp was de-tailed (and detailed) for easier consumption.

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Ltl Man said...

WOW, WHAT a CROWD from the Pics I see!!!!

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Always Looking Out For Each Other!!! SORRY That Rob's Voice Gave OUT, But He's GOT a GREAT Versatile Team Behind nHim to Taker Up The SLACK and Go BEYOND being THE MOST AWESOMELY PRIMO 80's BAND in NY!!!!!!!

GREAT JOB LADY & GUYS!!!! Wish I coulda Been There -- Next Time!!!

By The Way A friend of Mine that lives out there and has Been to Claudio's before for Live Bands told Me You were the Best One in a Long Time!!! He wanted to Say Hi to you Guys But the Place was Crazy!!