Friday, February 17, 2012

White Wedding - Zeppelin Hall 2/17/12 Jersey City,New Jersey


This was the first show from my vantage point at the back where I realized we might be building a little following at the Zeppelin hall (Giseli, Hector etc.) and the crowd was definitely into it. At one point the man spotted to the right in the photo above was holding Rob's microphone stand over him as he lie on the stage floor singing in his Bono guise and I was in fear for his safety but the guy was truly having a good time and not to worry as Zeppelin hall has an attentive and professional security staff (one of which complimented my drumming) of which we can count on.

Premiered at tonight's performance was "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.


Rocking Out with Dave on the 5 string bass.


Partying on a Friday Night with us.


Bono in mid leap.


Eric, Michael & Dave.


During our first set I glanced at the floor tom to see it mysteriously garnished with French Fries (I didn't spot the sandwich till later) and wondered if someone was throwing food at me, they were a bad aim if they were because I certainly wasn't hit with any but I remained perplexed for the rest of the set. If I was being heckled it should not be happening at this stage of the game should it ?, was it my looks ? dark visions of being bullied through my formative years at school returned. After the set I ran to Jamie and asked if she was "throwing food at me" ? Turns out she wasn't throwing it at me but was feeding me the Philly Cheese Steak I had ordered and for the second time in a row was not able to appreciate due to my lateness arriving at the hall. Thanks for trying Jamie, I will make sure I get there earlier next time to indulge properly.

This was also the night that Robert Smith spilled Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale on my down pillow.

This Is Show # 155


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Get That DAMN Pillow Signed and Placed in a SEALED Glass-Fronted PILL(ow) Box