Friday, November 18, 2011

White Wedding - Petes Saloon 11/18/11 Elmsford,New York


Nancy was kind enough to take a moment and snap a pic with Daryl Hall between sets.

On the ride up to Elmsford someone posed the question "Is Petes Saloon an Irish bar?" after which Rob surmised that "Pete" was an Irish name and I deduced that "Saloon" was kind of a white non-descript thing,.... turns out it didnt matter as Petes Saloon was more of a restaurant with a bar in it.

As we set up our gear the scents of it all was very enticing and Dave and myself decided we must order something. The taps were of average fare but Hey, We just played a Biergarten last week!!! Nothing Is Real.

The band played well enough but even setting up my drums catty cornered I was totally cramped for the evening, part of this phenomenon is due to the fact that the stage at Petes Saloon is smaller than even the one at O' Flanagans!!! Petes stage is roughly (6X12).

I would be lucky if I could present the Last Supper as performed by Squirrels wearing tutu's in this space.


Its amazing Our Singers managed to stay up there with us at all but for the first set or two they had no choice as the wait staff and customers were using the area right in front of the raised platform for table service and general locomotion, by the end of the night most of the band were all over the floor (in front of the raised platform and areas unexpected thereof).


Not one of my more comfortable shows as I had to crush myself between Cymbals, Cymbal Stands, Cables, Floor Tom, Gig Bag, Drum Stool, Stepping Over Dave's 5 string Bass Guitar and Bass Amp and railing to get behind the kit.

Right before we went on (as we were being introduced onstage by Rob) I knocked my drink over due to the lack of space and for just one pint glass it shattered Everywhere!!! behind the drum kit, on top of my Floor Tom and Snare Drum, I tossed the glass slivers aside but was in fear for the entire performance due to the shards at my heel (see pic).

You may ask why I did not get the staff to sweep it up, I would have if they could for the life of them even get behind there. The authorities were notified by the end of the evening so no further drummers or trombone players face possible injury.


This was Delicious and Really hit the spot, Roast Beef and Cheddar Sliders A La Perfection, there was something a little sweet in the Au Jus Gravy that made it just right, obviously their Secret Ingredient, and look at their construction, kinda messy on purpose. Dave had the Vegetable Curry Soup which he proclaimed "Indian Restaurant Quality" and he knows his Indian fare and Restaurant Quality and Indian Restaurant Quality soup.


The Callbox was its usual demented jumping self when we dropped off the Drums and P.A. around 3 a.m. I snapped this photo on our way out (note the vast amount of posteriors).


We returned the Zipcar to a 24 hour parking garage but had to summon the gatekeeper so I had the exciting privelige of ringing the Night Bell to arouse them from their slumber, you would think in all my years of living that I would have rung a 24 hour parking garage Night Bell before but NO I HAVE NOT. Well,.... Since I have yet to own a car or rent one (to drive as well) for that matter maybe it makes all the sense in the world that I have Never rung the Night Bell at a 24 hour parking garage.


Pass the Grated Cheese Please.

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