Saturday, July 25, 2009

Silver Star Restaurant Lunch Special - 7/25/09 Brooklyn, New York


Silver Star Chinese Restaurant a mainstay of my misspent youth.


We Have Golden Arch for You.


Heres where the fun starts. Proper Wonton Soup (Wonton Broth NOT Chicken Broth,Bok Choy {thanks Joe} NOT Diced Scallions,Pork Medallions and Plump Wontons) flanked by House Mustard,House Duck Sauce and Crispy Noodles.


And the Toppermost of the Poppermost, Roast Pork Chow Mein a la 70s style, the Vegetables should be undiscernable and resemble a gooey substance, hued mucous green (Bet that makes your mouth water) with a velvety consistency. This style of Chow Mein has all but dissappeared from Brooklyn chinese dining (modern style has clearly discernable Veggies) and was a pleasant surprise as even Silver Star went the common modern Chow Mein route years ago but thankfully have reconsidered such foolishness, Guess I'm not the only Foodie out there that prefers the Dessicated style. Thanks for the Meal Frank. 6221 18th avenue while you still can.

Long Live Brooklyn 1970s Chow Mein. Like KISS, QUEEN and JUDAS PRIEST, It Dont Get No Heavier.


wendy said...

Now I want to go home to NY just to go to this restaurant.

Anonymous said...

this place is the BEST
I travel all the way from Manhattan every few weeks just for the chow mein, egg roll, fried rice and wonton soup that is the authentic old style and not the lousy stuff in most places today
spread the word about this place