Friday, July 24, 2009

Prized Possessions - QUEEN Autographs


From Myspace Blog 1/26/08 and hastily composed too.


Yes, i will never forget meeting QUEEN. they were in town for 3 nights at Madison Square Garden on the "Hot Space" tour. Roger was on a local news program "Live at five" the day before and the reporter mentioned the in-store at Crazy Eddies.
I was one of the first people down there (around 10 a.m.) and hours later QUEEN arrived and got out of their cream coloured limo to much applause from us.
Brian raised his fist in the air to show approval. Very Cool to my 16 year old mind (actually still cool)

As we made our way to the room upstairs (complete with video monitors,TVs in those days playing "Queen's Greatest Flix") the staff informed us that we were only allowed one autograph per person!!! WHAT TO DO?
Brian is my favorite but even then I knew Freddie would be the toughest one to get a signature from in the grand scheme of things.

I placed my plain piece of copy paper in front of Freddie and he signed it (I didnt say anything, I was very shy and a bit starstruck). Next John asks me very nicely "would you like me to sign this?" I probably nodded yes and he did. On to Roger (who wound up being very cool) and by this time I got some courage up. I mumbled "I saw you on live at five yesterday" to which Roger replied "sorry" he didnt quite catch what I was saying and to a New Yorker's ears "sorry" was quite exotic and British compared to the typical "excuse me". I repeated myself and Rog told me "I was bloody tired" (mind you he said it very good naturedly). Finally on to Brian to whom I mumbled "Your my favorite guitar player" But alas he didnt hear me (also how many times has he heard that!!!) and I went on my way totally satisfied that I got all four signatures and met the band.

I distinctly remember having one last look back at the band sitting there and thinking "WOW Its QUEEN"

I did take some photos that day but lost them years ago. Im sure they will turn up some day,one day.


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Would you ever be willing to sell your autographs?