Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SMOOCH - Debut Gig 7/27/13 Three Jolly Pigeons - Brooklyn, New York

The Debut gig of SMOOCH happened at Three Jolly Pigeons as we landed an opening spot for The Good Yeggs, you would think me being a member of that band I would have gotten us the slot but Brian was on the phone with Thomas practically before our first rehearsal. We had 4-5 rehearsals prior to the night to get our 10 song set together and it being Vlad's (Black Death, Subway Serenader) Birthday party that evening Sal elected we perform one of Vlad's favorite songs "Fox On The Run" by the Sweet, we did Ace Frehley's version of course making it an 11 song set.

The show went very well from the applause I could hear but to quote Bill Bruford "A Drummer's Life is a series of asses" so for the 30% of the time I was checking out the crowd I mostly saw my bandmates backs but I am told people were "bugging out" because after all people So Love KISS.

As far as SMOOCH is concerned from a Smoochpoint of view we all played very well, no glaring mistakes and the extended guitar solo's after "Shock Me" worked out exactly as planned. Brian did a very funny Gene pastiche throughout the show keeping everything "under contract" and "legally binding" and after all the first thing he said to the audience was "First I would like to thank the Good Yeggs for letting us use Peter Criss" how could you not love this guy.

The set list of KISS KLASSICS on the night was.

1.) Deuce

2.) Strutter

3.) She

4.) Black Diamond

5.) Shout It Out Loud

6.) Calling Dr. Love

7.) Shock Me

8.) New York Groove

9.) Let Me Go Rock And Roll

10.) Rock And Roll All Night

Encore (Dedicated to Vlad)

11.) Fox On The Run

Sal/Ace wielding his Epiphone Ace Frehley Budokan Limited Edition (#182 of 1000) with 3 (non-smoking) Dimarzio pickups.

Brian/Gene used his Longhorn Bass, Carl/Paul played his Peavey T-60 and Spike/Peter performed on Ludwig Accent CS Custom Drums with Sabian and Zildjian Cymbals.

This photo was taken right after our set. I could not get a Peter Criss shirt in time but Sal lent me then gave me that sweet "Sonic Boom" t-shirt, thanks Sal, and what's in that glass Carl ?

Brian with the guest of honor and his bandmate from Black Death and the Subway Serenader Vlad.

This Is Show # 1

- Spike

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