Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Good Yeggs 7/27/13 Three Jolly Pigeons - Brooklyn, New York

There was indeed a festive atmosphere for tonight's performance from the get go because it was our friend Vlad's (Subway Serenader, Black Death) Birthday eve celebration so spirits were high and The Yeggs played exceptionally well tonight. Thomas played some Excellent Blues Guitar and we were a well relaxed outfit performing to some of our 3JP peers (Box Of Crayons, Joe Filosa, MC Too Tall) who were there to see the bands but also for the festivities and some bar patrons whom had not previously seen our show highlighting some good old Blues and Country Music that is become scarcer on the Brooklyn scene.

Premiered tonight was "Jumping Jack Flash", "Hey Good Looking", "Till The End Of The Day", "Baby, Lets Play House" and a new original tune from Thomas "Unfaithful Lady".

Thomas brandishing his 2005 Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Custom Reissue, He also brought his guitar along as well.

My main Drum Kit, Ludwig Accent CS Custom with Ludwig and Tama Hardware, Sabian AAX and Zildjian "China Trash" Cymbals played with Pro-Mark 747 Nylon Tip Drumsticks. LP Cowbell and Vater stick holder included.

Joe rocking it with his Ibanez Art Core semi-hollow body Bass with double cut aways and F-Holes finished in an Amber Brushed finish. Jeans by Levi Strauss.

Supporting The Good Yeggs tonight were SMOOCH a KISS tribute band of which I am also the drummer. This was our debut gig and went very well, Brian made sure all contractual obligations were met and obeyed. Brian/Gene and Carl/Paul have previously played with us in the Subway Serenader band.

Box Of Crayons performed between our two sets and proved once again that if you aren't Irish you might want to become one. Featuring the incomparable Fran Powers on vocals along with Brian Dillon.

Setting up Vlad's Birthday Feast, this photo was taken before the Bagel Wheel came out. The Good Yeggs missed the Bagel Wheel as we were performing at the time but a high time was had by us in the "Green Room" between our sets. It was discovered that I only had my first Rice Krispie treat maybe 5 years ago and me and Jennie discussed how the Cheddar Cheese on offer was an excellent Mild variety but a crappy Extra Sharp depending on what the packaging advertised, the packaging never showed itself so this shall remain an enigma.

Brian/Subway Serenader/Box Of Crayons/Pocket Monster/Black Death/Gene from Smooch with the birthday boy Vlad.

I may have missed the Bagel Wheel but I did succeed in making my 3JP sojourn down the block to Pancho's Restaurant for a few Taco's. Pictured here is (1) Bistec/Steak Taco and (1) Pollo/Chicken Taco, I wanted a Tinga/Spicy Chicken Taco but that was not on the menu.

This Is Show # 10

- Spike

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