Thursday, July 18, 2013


Why Is Bon Jovi Not a Superhero ?,.... He Doesn't Spew Blood as a Demon Axeman.
Why Is Bruce Springsteen Not a Superhero ?,.... He is from New Jersey but not a Space Ace.
Why Is John Cougar Not a Superhero ?,.... He is not a cat and does not play the Drums.
Why Is Prince Not a Superhero ?,.... He is not the first "Starchild" that wore Purple.

KISS were Rock Stars to us but maybe even more.

Right Place, Right Time, Smack Dab between The Beatles and Star Wars.

I was 13 years old in 1978 and me and some friends (Marvin/Ace, Bobby/Paul and Angelo/Gene) started miming to KISS tracks for fun and decided we were going to put on a show called "KISSAMANIA" in my friend Bobby's basement. The show never happened (we spent too much time
"pre-internet" pondering the purchase of Dry Ice and wondering if that would even be safe in a closed environment, try though we did) but I also was never asked for a refund on the $2.00 admission fee for the few tickets I sold to my 6th grade catholic school classmates.

I was also 13 years old in 1978 and like so many decided I wanted to be "The Drummer" from admiring in awe one Peter Criss, I was checking out the other drummer guys too but Peter was The Man.

So here we are 34 years later and I am getting the chance to sit in/play my "Soundtrack" in a band, on the drums along with three other like minded fellows of whom this is also a big part of The "Soundtrack" and by chance (the other guy could not commit) I got the gig.

This is Carl's/Paul brainchild possibly due to previous rehearsals with Brian/Gene (The Subway Serenader) when we discussed KISS between songs just by chance and perhaps sparked interest in Playing These Songs in a band setting, "I" Spike/Peter also opinionated that KISS (Psycho Circus) was the Best Show I have ever been to (Rock concert or otherwise) and then we add Sal/Ace who might be our most stoked member to perform these "Anthems" to a crowd and you kinda wind up with SMOOCH.

Rehearsing our 10 song repertoire at Mode Music.

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