Thursday, June 20, 2013


"I Feel Like the King Of The World !!!"

I got it in my head one night that I wanted a Prosciutto Ball proper (no Rice) so the next afternoon I walked over to Lioni's which is only 2 avenues and 2 blocks away from my apartment and boy was it worth it. I recall enjoying Lioni's Prosciutto Balls but they seem to have become a bit more prominent these days as the customer in front of me ordered a dozen, I got a half dozen (6 for $5.00) and had them heat one up for the walk back (pictured above). A lesson learned over the years is Always reheat a Prosciutto Ball in a high temperature oven NOT a microwave as the breading does not get Crispy but soggy when you nuke it and from eating that Prosciutto Ball in the photo I swore to myself never to nuke again.

Lioni's prepared Food showcase. In certain Italian establishments I am hesitant to take photo's since I never ask permission and am waiting to hear "You No Take A Picture, We Take A You Camera And Break A You Head". So far no problems.

I spy with my little eye two kinds of Sausages (probably Hot and Sweet), Broccoli Rabe, Peppers (Sausage and Peppers for a Hero ?) and Pepper Shooters stuffed with Prosciutto and Sharp Provolone ensconced by some Black and White mini Cookies and what looks like Jelly Cookies.

After Lioni's I walked a half block over to Papa Pasquale's as I had in mind doing a Prosciutto Ball taste test but they only have the "mini" ones on the weekend and are more of a Rice Ball specialty place as far as "Balls" are concerned. It was worthwhile walking in as the counter person addressed me with "Waddya Need Pal ?" which is becoming a rarer saying in today's changing Brooklyn and just reminded me that much more of why I Love New York.

Probably the Best Prosciutto Ball I have yet to have. Just Perfect, Creamy and Delicious.

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