Tuesday, June 11, 2013

See You In My Dreams Brian

Had the most interesting and vivd dream and awoke relaxed and refreshed, I don't keep a dream diary but felt I had to put this one down.

I think I awoke in my dream and was at least in a bedroom in a spacious house I had never been in and both my parents were sleeping in the other room but I knew my mom wasn't staying over and she was going back to her own place so I decided that later that day I too would return to my apartment. Already fuzzy dream logic as my parents never lived apart.

Scene Change.

There was a free outdoor daytime concert by the Rolling Stones and a crowd was yet to really gather so I had a first row view and while I was aware of Mick I only really took notice of Charlie and Brian. I was closely watching Charlie from a slightly overhead view playing these incredibly tasty drum rolls and was thinking WOW no wonder he's Charlie Watts and a world class drummer, better than I thought he was and while he was way too busy for his style and possibly armed with a slightly bigger drum kit I was amazed. At another point a crowd had gathered and I was annoying some guys in front of me trying to get my spot back, I was honest with the guy and he begrudgingly believed me.

Then it was just me and Brian by the stage with no crowd behind us or anywhere, Brian was being very nice and cool with me but I recall none of our conversation if we even had one at all I just may have gotten a nice vibe from him (Hey, its a dream) and I think I slipped up and said something to puzzle him so I came clean and told Brian I was from the future but my dream got the math wrong and he said to me "You're not 87 years old" as opposed to 7 years old (I'm 47 years old and for some reason there was a built in increment of 40 years) so I showed him my iPhone and the internet as proof but he still didn't really believe me or did he.

Scene Change.

I was on an avenue full of stores somewhat like 86th street and away from my mom (I don't recall my parents being seen in the dream but their presence was felt) looking for the "Gimme Shelter" box set and wandered into a store looking for the music department, found some steps down to the DVD/CD room and there was a little white power strip that I felt was in a dangerous spot right along the two black rubber steps down. There was a guy sitting in a padded brown chair/recliner with an empty bottle who I assumed was just hanging around and I was also aware that I was missing the free concert but that had somehow morphed into a screening of the Gimme Shelter DVD I was looking for so I felt I was missing the movie as I was shopping for it. Although this film was called Gimme Shelter it was not the same as the Albert and David Maysles film that captured Altamont but more of a career overview with lots of various footage.

Right at the entrance by the steps was a 3 volume Kinks box set in a Blu-Ray box and wrapped in a flimsy cardboard guitar body a different shape and color for each volume but all containing early years and footage I had on DVDs elsewhere. I was being frugal and these box sets were pricey, I was expecting to see the Stones one in different bundles (i.e. with LPs, CDs, DVD etc) with a price of $94.99 and upwards, kept looking but couldn't find the Stones one that I assumed would be in a big display but came across a Procol Harum box set with a black and white photo of Gary Brooker's face on the front in a kind of padded box (Like David Byrne's "How Music Works" book) but the printing was very small on the back as I squinted to see what possible unreleased tracks were on it.

Then I woke up

Went to Amazon.com and spent $11.96 on the new Rolling Stones documentary "Crossfire Hurricane"

Advertising works in mysterious ways.

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