Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fibbed By Food:Heluva Good? More Like Heluva Gyp!!!


Goes down Mild NOT Extra Sharp.

Certainly not the worst Mild Equeffecciencies disguising themselves as Extra Sharp Cheddar that I have had the Fantastically Great Displeasures to have Imbibed!!! This is marked "EXTRA SHARP" but properly should be entwined in the "MILD" garden surrounding said sissy and sissy gurl department (Apologies for the {"'s} never mind the sissie's)

I can only Imagine what their Mild Cheddar Tastes like..... Muenster Cheese?
(Got Mine 2 for $4, How Dare I Complain)

*****-Very Highly Reccommended

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laurie said...

muenster tastes like butter and much creamier! Don't down muenster because you're angry! As a matter of fact... I think you MUST go by some,,,,NOW,,