Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Good Yeggs CD Release Party 5/11/13 Three Jolly Pigeons Brooklyn, New York

You know that old saying "The Burrito Got The Best Of Me".

Well that was tonight's Gig, I had a Burrito and I played my best pretty much aside from warmup pains for the first few songs (of which I recently bragged to Tom that I no longer suffered from) and dropping my stick during the third encore (of three) at the end of our rendition of B.B. King's "Sweet Little Angel" (no one noticed and SHIT I almost played a perfect show), Forgot my high-hat stand at home of which Joe came to the rescue and brought his and propped Tom's flashlight on my Burrito filled bag for my printed/teleprompter lyrics to The Beatles "What Goes On" of which I sang and there was also a U.F.O. sighting. That said and done lets get on with the gist of the evening.

The Good Yeggs arrived with our gear and a Box of CDs to celebrate the digital fruition of our recordings made over a few years time and we promise ourselves and You the beloved listener that it will be a much shorter gap in production now that we are out in the open with our debut CD and the natives clamoring for more.

To me this was the best show we have played to date, songs were fluid and the Drink's were fluid as well. During the encore portion we had planned out "Johnny B. Goode" but were asked for two more before night's finish. The Yegg's played a sublime version of the Sub-Basement Blues Band warhorse "Coney Island Summer" and if that wasn't enough we ended with "Sweet Little Angel" (mentioned above) with some very tasty dynamics as called upon by Thomas during his guitar solo (Keep it Low and then Blow It Out).

Thanks for the Good Yegg's photo's by Matt Shanley.

Photo Via Vlad Viz

The Subway Serenader had the crowd in Punk Rock Anarchist mode with Vlad and Carl on the Guitars along with Thomas, Joe and myself providing the Rhythm/Lead Guitar section. Add the heroics and conducting from The Subway Serenader and it was a Great set.

Most of us being New Yorkers well,... we understand what a song like "Hate The T.A." is all about.

Costume Changes and stage props abounded in abundance. The Santeria doll was left out by accident but let's leave that to the Santerians, I think the Thorny Devil Horn's made a better, positive and effective Christian impression.

There was Moshing too, from The Subway Serenader himself and the crowd was Most Receptive.

Harold the Horny Hunter had an Enormous Horn.

In this case it's Joe with his Longhorn which is light in weight and has become Joe's favorite weapon of choice, so much so he is considering purchasing the company and their forefathers and their forefathers forefathers.

Thomas with his Tasty Tone On Tube amp.

My Favorite Drummer in the World.

Jazelyn our Banshee Singing Friend, Cohort, Noisemaker, Criminal and Sweetheart joined The Yeggs for "American Crank" of which she is on the official recording as well.

My Friend and Blues Guitarist Stephen made it down to the show all the way from Jersey City. A nicer man you will never meet.

Blue Moon in the glass, Pro-Mark Hot Rods on the snare (These are used during Johnny Cash' "Folsom Prison Blues") They compliment each other. Beer and Wood or if you prefer Wood and Beer.

I captured video of what I was looking at all night through the window 2 feet to the left from me behind the kit. A U.F.O. that is plain to see.

It's a reflection of one of the light fixture/fans on 3 Jolly Pigeon's ceiling for all you naysayers and unbelievers.

This Is Show # 9

- Spike

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