Friday, May 3, 2013

Overnite With The Good Yeggs

It all began like any other rehearsal night for us running through our set list for the upcoming gig at Three Jolly Pigeons and enjoying some delicious Manhattan's that Joe mixed for us with the remaining Bourbon from a 1.75 Litre (Half Gallon bottle of Jim Beam), Second drink and new bottle opened during our break between sets and this drink went right to Joe's head (not that we were totally sober either) much to Joe's puzzlement but what can you do.

What we decided to do was Have More Drinks.

By this point in the evening Thomas decided he was going to crash at Joe's so instead of eating Joe and Jennie's dinner from Gino's Pizzeria we ordered some more food from Yummy Fresh Taco. I mentioned I would be leaving shortly to which Joe replied "come on!!! how often does this happen!!!" he had a point you know, this never happens. Joe and myself had off the next day and Thomas took a vacation day. We ate, threw out the containers of which there were no leftovers and broke a few dishes by accident all the while keeping our glasses full after which Tom and Joe arranged and wrote two new songs (1,2,3 & 4 and Shine, Shine) while I doodled on a notepad.

(pictured above) Pork Fried Rice (Quart), Chicken Wings (20 piece) that I usually don't eat but did this time and Chorizo Mexican Pizza. 

Much to our amazement we polished off an entire half gallon of Jim Beam.

Like proud parents my fellow bandmates parade our accomplishment for the camera.

On one of our many breaks out on the deck Joe was literally Rolling On The Floor Laughing His Ass Off. Well, he did start making the cannibal jokes and I guess you had to be there. Of note also is the fact that Joe was having trouble all night with his cuban cigar that would not draw/inhale properly, he finally jettisoned it off into the dark of the night.

At around 2 a.m. we brought our singing, strumming and wire brushes on an envelope selves down to the rehearsal room so Jennie could get some sleep and also performed as quietly as possible an impromptu Blues Jam (Sweet Little Angel, Coney Island Summer etc.). My experience performing at wedding receptions came in handy here and I was playing so low that the squeaks from the Bass Drum pedal became part of the music, by this time I was also playing with my eyes closed as I could hardly keep them open. Afterwards Thomas and me topped off the evening with a stiff Vodka and Iced Tea drink.

Here is my notepad doodle from earlier in the evening, this photo was taken at 6 a.m. after two hours sleep as I anticipated Thomas' alarm going off as he informed me he was leaving at 6:30, this of course did not happen so I had a brief chat with Jennie who was heading off to work. Around 7:30 I lay back down to be awoken by Thomas around 8:30.

It was indeed a night to remember and due to the bourbon forget large chunks of too.

Earlier in the evening I expressed interest in holding on to the Blue Cheese and Celery to munch on later and Thomas not realizing the dressing was uncovered offered me some Hot Sauce as well.

- Spike

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