Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Good Yeggs - CD Post Production, Pacing/Sequencing and Overdubs - 2/2/13 Hesdeadjimstudios - Queens, New York

We had a feeling of accomplishment as the long gestating project of our first album was finalized today concerning artwork, track selection and sequencing and are already looking towards our sophomore project.

As these tracks were recorded months and years apart there is a great variety of mood, execution and ambience about. It feels like a field recording but these were all recorded under the same eaves, Not to compare or liken to anyone else I get an "Odds & Sods" by the WHO feel from this collection but that is from my vantage point inside the monster.

Joe brought in a new technique to the Yeggs recording process that he read about in David Byrne's book "How Music Works" and which The "BONO" also utilizes which is that of "Control Room Tracking" wherein no headphones are used but the singer is listening to the track he/she is singing/dubbing onto live via monitor speaker(s).

Negligible microphone leakage (helped along by placement and polar pattern) discrepancies reported to limit the use of this technique.

Lets hear it for Thomas' job at producing, mixing and engineering the record, every track sounds very different from the one right next to it and is crystal clear in clarity and instrument separation. Thomas also has a humble bedside manner during recording by getting a better take without making you feel an inferior musician or imbecilic toadstool.

The highlight of my weekend is Guiro Overdubs,... that and Midget Pierogie Tossing.

Upon arrival at Thomas' house we honored the British with a little "tea party" since Tom likes the Beatles and I like ELO. 

Joe likes "some" Anglophile tunes but for the most part can be heard muttering "screw those Limeys, America created Rock and Roll!!!" to the man on the street and of course visiting British tourists whenever he can.

Thomas' son Lennon helped us with production duties over the course of the day and he and I discussed "Slenderman" and "Minecraft" in some detail. This photograph is a dedication to the Slenderman but can you spot Lennon or has Lennon learnt the first lesson of not being seen?

kindly leave your replies in the comments section below.

Sonically we knew Exactly what this song was going to look like in graphical representation then we opened it and there it was.

Noticeably Superior Chinese Food from "Fortune Kitchen" of Richmond Hill, Queens.

Ironically instead of having my dinner off the snare drum today I am having it off of Thomas' Roland Piano (well, he did offer).

But what really fed the day once we started finalizing track selection order was that Nutritious and Wonderful Elixir, Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey.

- Spike

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