Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Good Yeggs - Three Jolly Pigeons 1/26/13 Brooklyn, New York

(above) I Stealthily Sleuthed a Sharp Spy Shot of Secret Subway Serenader Stuff being discussed but more on that later (Watch this Space).

The Yeggs played well this evening for two sets at Brooklyn's watering hole of choice for discerning waterholes and such so we must be speaking of the Three Jolly Pigeons of Bay Ridge.

Premiered tonight was Jerry Lee Lewis' barnstormer (and one of Mao Tse Tung's favorite tunes) "Great Balls Of Fire", Our new original "Comin' Loose", My vocal debut on The Beatles "What Goes On", the 3/4 waltz tempo original "You Are the One" and our medley of "End Of The World/Minnie The Moocher".

Sweethook played support and it was great to see our old friends again as well. Jazelyn backed us up vocally on "Another Brooklyn" and "American Crank" as per the studio recordings.

Thomas showing his handsome Prestige semi-acoustic hollow body who is boss by tuning it however  he likes amidst a rare Stigwood monitor and humidity exposed Sabian ride cymbal.

Joe's gorgeous Longhorn and he has a nice bass guitar too.

Of note is the Stigwood monitor speaker just behind Joe, This is from Robert Stigwood's (Jesus Christ Superstar, Saturday Night Fever and his most well known Classic film "Sgt. Pepper") brief but memorable foray into Musica Amplification circa 1978.

Self Portrait of a quality Showtech bowling shirt and the 3JP windowsill. Tonight was my vocal debut on the Beatles tune "What Goes On" that I still have not memorized the lyrics to AND this being a dimly lit bar on top of the fact that I was wearing prescription sunglasses that are failing on the prescription side and I could not see the printed lyrics that I had taken along (wether taping them to the rack tom or the floor tom) I flubbed the second verse, still fun to do and a challenge.

Gig prior I grabbed a pint of Pork Lo Mein from Fu Lai Kitchen. After we had set up the gear and I was "tucking in" to my noodles from atop the Snare Drum I looked over as Thomas offered me some Pringles Potato Crisps to which I gestured towards the Lo Mein that there already was a dish to ponder after which Thomas gestured (completely in gesture) "SO, have it with some Pringles" this I did do.

Never let it be said that Thomas is a man that will Not bend the rules or the Potato Crisps.

It started as an inside joke at Box Of Crayons and Rock Farm gigs in which I would offer Brian salty snacks from the bodega down the block but tonight he Trumped my usual offer of a Bag O' Dipsy Doodles with Two bags of Frito Lays Corn Chips and a tube of Pringles for the Yeggs to share that he "Showered us with" during his entrance.

Later into the evening Brian was overheard exclaiming "Right!!! What's all this then Ya Bit of Crumpet!!!" to All of the womenfolk and some of the butch attendees as well as he pillaged and plundered his way into the night.

- Spike

This Is Show # 7

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