Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweethook - EMS Picnic 2010 7/25/10 - Cunningham Park,The Queens


Performing outdoors is always very different and in this case became a treat after some questionable weather passed us by. We arrived at the EMS picnic under looming clouds that promptly burst into rain giving the terrain a Spielberg Apocalypse atmosphere but waited out the short summer storm and proceeded to set up our equipment right there in the dirt under a picnic tent. Thanks to the power generator hundreds of feet away for the juice and to the crowd of onlookers for appreciating our particular brand of Banjo Rock.


You probably had to be there and be me but it Really warmed my heart to return from getting a bite to eat at the 2010 EMS picnic where my band was performing only to find my drums commandeered by some of the children in attendance. (Youtube)

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